Mail Queues™

Send mail using SMTP without exceeding the the rate allowed by your mail provider(s). Mail can be sent using multiple user logins/passwords to give fault tolerance and make each mail message somewhat unique so that it is less likely to be flagged as SPAM/UCE by either your or the downstream mail providers. Messages can be automatically reset when the plugin detects Non-delivery messages (NDRs) returned from mail sent by the plugin.

Email can be throttled per outbound SMTP account. Limits can be set for maximum number of recipients per hour and per day.

Non-Delivery Processing

Non-Delivery (NDR) messaging processing note: plugin should recognize common non-delivery formats. But, because non-deliveries are free form, and can be highly customized or specifically localized the plugin may not recognize the message. If you provide a sample non-delivery message we can make the plug-in a little smarter.

Feature List

  • Sends mail via SMTP
  • Send mail no faster than the configured number of recipients per hour/day. Keeps you in complience with your providers email sending limits.
  • Configure multiple SMTP accounts to use for sending messages (Gmail, MSN, Go-daddy, etc)
  • Process non-delivery messages and automatically resend messages
  • Keep record of sent mail messages so that you can prove to your provider you didn’t send SPAM
  • Automatically stops sending email when errors encountered, auotmatically restarts after configured period of time
  • Dashboard display of mail sending statistics


  • Using multiple email accounts makes it less likely that your email will be incorrectly flagged as SPAM by downstream providers
  • Use in combination with other email newsletter, sending and formatting WordPress plug-ins
  • Reduces non-delivered mail due to invalid SPAM flagging or exceeding near or downstream provider sending/recieving limits

Download Mail Queues from WordPress Plugin Directory

If you find the Mail Queues plugin useful, if it saves you time, if it makes your customers and your hosting provider happier, please make a small contribution to the continued support and development of the software.


Screen Shots

Mail Queues Setup List


Setup new SMTP mail Queue


Message Queue Test Message Generation


Stalled Mail Display


Non-Delivery Processing Options, Debugging and Testing Options


Queuing and Dequeing Options, Non-Delivery Processing Options



Message Queues Status Display