Creating a Coupon for a Free Product in WP-eCommerce

From time to time you may want to give a product away as a promotion.  This is how to create a coupon for a free product.


In the WordPress Dashboard, on the PRODUCTS menu select COUPONS

coupon menu









Add the coupon for your product using the new coupon form:






Use a unique coupon code, in the example we use “FreeGift”

Set the discount amount to 100%, this will reduce the cart sub-total by the value of the product being given away

Set a start and end date

DO NOT CHECK  “This coupon affects each product at checkout”, if you check this the shopper will get the whole cart for free 🙁

In Conditions select “Item Name” and “Is Equal To” and enter the name of the product you are giving away.


That’s it!

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