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Store Check-Up and Fix-Up for WP-eCommerce 4.4

Tags wp-e-commerce, commerce, transients, database, benchmark, utility
Minimum WordPress Version 3.9
Tested to WordPress Version 4.01
License GPLv2
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Provides details on your WP-eCommerce and WordPress installation state, issues and performance.

We have provided this plugin in the hope that it will help you identify issues with your WordPress and WP-eCommerce configuration.

Checks for the following unfortunate conditions existing on your site:

  • Unreachable links to products, checkout, results and user profile pages. Checks HTTP and HTTPS.
  • Too many options in the WordPress options table
  • Too many autoload options in the WordPress options table
  • Too much autoload data in the WordPress options table
  • Too many transients in the WordPress database
  • Expired transients in the WordPress database
  • Orphaned WordPress post meta
  • Orphaned WordPress taxonomy terms
  • Memcache not present
  • APC not present
  • Object cache not functioning
  • Slow un-cached query performance
  • Slow cached query performance

Makes available to the store administrator individual actions that will:

  • Delete all WordPress Transients from the WordPress database
  • Delete expired WordPress transients from the WordPress database
  • Delete orphaned WordPress post meta
  • Delete orphaned WordPress taxonomy meta
  • Delete all files that are part of the WordPress cache
  • Flush the WordPress cache
  • Test the configuration of memcache object cache
  • Initiate a memcache (object cache) flush


Easy to view single screen showing the status of your WP-eCommerce installation
Open the status screen from the WordPress Dashboard Tools Menu, Select "Store Check-Up"
WP-eCommerce Status, Statistics and Actions
WordPress Status, Statistics and Actions
WordPress Database Status, Statistics and Actions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Change Log


Added check and ominous warning message for broken object cache configurations Added check for memcached installed


Added more checks for object cache compatibility


Allow other error handlers to process errors after site checkup


  • WP-eCommerce required page link checks
  • Misc bug fixes
  • Testing for WordPress 4.1
  • Screenshots
  • About page


  • more database features


  • more database features
  • database performance benchmarking


  • initial release and beta test


  1. Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Go to the WordPress Dashboard, on the tools menu select "Store Check-Up"

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