Bring Shoppers Back With Rewards

The buyer points plugin gives your customers an incentive to come back and buy more.  Shoppers can view the points they have earned at any time on their account pages.

The buyer points plugin will accumulate points for shoppers regardless of if they are registered!  This means that your store doesn’t need to put up any barriers to people completing their purchases, like registration. Points are accumulated for each purchase and attached to the buyers email address.  As soon as they register, earned points appear in the customers account record.

WPEC Sizes and Colors

WP-eCommerce is one of our favorite commerce platforms.  It offers a flexible infrastructure that let’s you manage product variations that may have attributes more complicated than just size and color.  If most of the time all you need for your store is product size and color the WPEC variation structure, and the user interface needed to manage it, can become very complicated to oversee.  The large number of product variations can also slow down your store, and may even  require a more expensive server than would otherwise be necessary.

Our sizes and Colors add-in addresses these specific needs and greatly improves the product management interface used to update inventory and adjust prices.  If you use Pye Brook Company to build your ecommerce presence you will get the benefit this add-in as part of your implementation.  If your are building an ecommerce site,  for yourself for someone else, contact us to discuss licensing the add-in.



SEO and WP-eCommerce Performance Tuning

We have been doing some tuning work on the 80,000+ product Sparkle Gear WP e-Commerce store and wanted to share one experience with the WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast.

Unless you are a SEO expert, Yoast’s WordPress Plugin is a a tool that will save you alot of work, and keep much the SEO process understandable and accessible to mere mortals.  It’s a great addition for any WordPress site, and especially useful for WPEC that create lots of posts (products are posts) and have lost of taxonomies (variations and categories are taxonomies). IMHO. the dynamic sitemap generation feature of the WorpPress SEO plugin alone makes it a must have.

WordPress SEO Plugin Developed by Joost de Valk

wpecHowever, there are some details about how WPEC is implemented that need to be addressed when you install the SEO plugin.First item, WPEC stores products as posts. WPEC stores 

variations of products as child posts of product posts.  These child posts are used to hold information about an individual product variation.  Details like the variation image, price, stock. etc.  The important detail to note is that these child posts are not directly accessible to the outside world. In WP speak, the permalink for these posts will give you a 404!

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Check out this killer e-commerce site

Sparkle Gear, a retailer of premium customized rhinestone bling clothing and accessories engaged us to build their e-commerce site!  The site is up and running.

Created completely from open-source software and our own custom WordPress plugins, including a product templating and generation plugin, this site rocks.  It is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter, processes Paypal and credit card transactions, and tracks orders from start through shipping.

One of the best features of our integration is our WordPress plugin that manages giveaways.  Check out to see it in action.

Health Apps: US FDA Plans Oversight of Mobile Medical Apps – CNBC

A fast-growing number of software applications offers doctors the chance to view X-rays or monitor heart rates from iPads or smartphones, prompting U.S. health officials on Tuesday to propose government oversight for some of the more complex health apps.

A portion of the apps perform tasks that mimic the work of medical devices and could cause harm if they failed to perform as promised,Food and Drug Administration officials said.

New FDA guidelines state that in some cases software developers would have to show their apps worked as well as non-mobile devices for the same use.

The agency would have to provide clearance for those apps before they could be sold. FDA officials said they recognized the potential benefits from mobile medical apps and aimed to encourage future development.

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btHeart – Ongoing Audio Notifications?

Does anyone want their phone to give them motivational messages while they are working out?

With winter here, any outdoor workouts probably mean the phone is buried in a pocket and the gloves are on.  So what’s the best way to get feedback on your performance? We are thinking that periodic SPEECH notification of heart rate, respiration rate, workout zone and intensity might work well.

With the earphones gloves and headset on this could be a great way of adjusting intensity without stopping to look at the device. What does everyone think? Which items should be spoken?  How configurable?    Let us know.

btHeart Widget?

We had some requests for an Android Widget that could be placed along side your music player widget while you are working out.  Sounds like a good idea to us so we started working on it.  We will probably increase the price of the app by $0.25 when it is done, so buy the app now to save big!

This is what we are thinking the widget might look like, let us know if you have any ideas…