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We are working on the documentation for the application.  To get you started a primer of the main screen is below.  Tap on any of the graphs to zoom in on the live picture.


The heart rate data read from your heart rate monitor is recorded in a text log file.  The file is in the standard “CSV” format and can be imported into spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel or Google Docs.  The  log files are on your device’s SDCARD, in a directory named “hrmlog” . btScale always writes its log to the file named “hrm.log”.

restartworkoutEvery time you select the “Restart Workout” option the “hrm.log” file will be renamed using the current date and time.  A new HRM.LOG file will then be created.   You can delete any of the logs in this directory at any time they are not in use.

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    1. I have had a couple of requests for support of Polar HRMs, and would like to make it happen. But there are a couple of issues that need to be addressed. The major issue is that Polar has been unresponsive to my requests for official documentation of the Bluetooth data between their HRM and any connecting devices. Over the past six months they have responded to only one of my emails and phone messages, and that response was after more than a month of delay, and then they did not follow up on my reply tho their response. We can look at the data sent by the polar HRM and figure out the format, I am hesitant to invest the time or money for the devices if Polar isn’t committed enough to their devices to respond to developer requests for information. We have polar devices, and the equipment that supports them in house, just not the Bluetooth versions. Polar’s behavior is a night and day contrast to the behavior of Zephyr.

      Zephyr’s support is great, very responsive, and they are just nice folks to talk with, and their products are really top notch. For these reasons alone I feel like it is a good decision to spend whatever discretionary time we have available working on incremental Zephyr device support rather than devices from vendors that

  1. were do you want bugs reported? It won’t save my hight and weight. it does save my age.

    HRM.log is a nice idea. but how about viewing work out statistics on the phone. So once a workout is completed, press restart workout i guess. Give a summary of the workout like:

    duration of workout, calories burned, max heart rate, average heart rate, min heart rate, time in zone, time above zone.

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