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STAMPS.COM for WP-eCommerce 4.2

Tags wp-e-commerce, store, postage, shipping, shopping
Minimum WordPress Version 3.5
Tested to WordPress Version 4.1
License Pye Brook Company Inc. Software License at
License URI
Compatible_to_wpec_version 3.9.1


Purchase USPS Postage and Print Labels inside of WP-eCommerce. Create quotes for all types of USPS shipping. Get special discounted rates not gennreally available to the public. Save up to 40% on USPS shipping charges!

Support from

Features Highlights

  • Subscribe to and get special negoiated rates, go to
  • Buy Postage
  • Print Shipping Lables with addresses and pre-paid postage
  • Status display shows purchases waiting to be shipped, purchases in transit and delivered purchases

Packaging Weight

  • Package weight will be computed from store set product weight and configured per purchase and per item item packaging

Service Charges

  • Set Service Charges based on package type
  • Set service charges based on USPS shipping option selected

Address Validation and Correction

  • Automatically and manually validate customer provided shipping addresses
  • Correct customer shipping address mistakes, avoid misplaced orders


Easy ship of customer orders. Correct and validate customer provideed addresses. Adjust customer shipping options for best service at lowest prices.
One click ship button AND extra detailed shipping quote information available on WP-eCommerce sales log detail page.
Includes USPS ship date, weight, service, and cost quoted by usps.
Plugin shows shipping status of recent sales, status includes tracking number, ship date and delivery date
Purchase postage from from your WP-eCommerce store
Special offer from at
Print shipping label WITH POSTAGE from your WordPress Store Dashbaord.
Configure your ship from address to match your local USPS pickup options, can be different than your store address
Select which shipping options are visible to users, and for admins. They can be different! Add shipping service specific handling charges.
Option to configure packaging weight to be added to the product weight set in your WP-eCommerce product page
Option to add a handling charge for each USPOS package type you want to offer
Option to configure which package types are available to shoppers getting shipping quotes
Select which USPS shipping options are set by default, and which are available to administrators when shipping packages. Future versions of WP-eCommerce will support shoppers picking options at checkout!
Use the same account credentials you setup with

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of WP-eCommerce does this plugin require? or above

Change Log


Registration updates and USPS error message formatting Cleansed address display formatting update


Enhanced Address Validation will show you the addresses that USPS knows about near an unknown address Administrator notices appear to set critical plugin settings if they are missing


Library update Miscellaneous screen formatting PPI (protected personal information) field hiding by clicking on page title added. Useful when you need to share a screen shot for support. More API error message updates


Added readme.txt Added registration page API error message updates


  • Miscellaneous updates and bug fixes
  • User interface updates for WordPress 4.0


  • Readme updates


  • Initial Release


Important! Remove the previous version

  1. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Select Plugins on the administrator menu to display all of your installed plugins
  3. Find the for WP-eCommerce plugin in the list
  4. Find the Deactivate link, click it to deactivate the older version of the plugin
  5. Find the Delete link, click it to remove the older version of the plugin (your settings will be saved)

Install Using the WordPress Plugin Uploader

  1. Download this plugin to your computer
  2. Find the Plugins->Add New on the administrator's dashboard menu, select it
  3. Find the Upload Plugin button near the top of this Add Plugins page, click it
  4. Find the Choose File button, click it, then select the plugin you previously downloaded to your computer
  5. Click the Install Now button
  6. Click the Active Plugin link
  7. All Done!

Manual Install

  1. Upload and unzip into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

Other Installation Options

  1. You can also manually install the plugin using the instructions found at the WordPress Site

Price: $99.00

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