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eMail a Cart for WP-eCommerce 1.0

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Minimum WordPress Version 3.9
Tested to WordPress Version 4.1
License Pye Brook Company Standard License
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Shoppers an administrators can share carts via eMail. Great option when people are shopping in groups, like teams or clubs.

Administrators can eMail carts when stock becomes available, or in response to customer questions.


Add items to a cart normally. An optional "Share The Cart" widget is available for you to use.
Administrators can re-share a cart to the same recipients, or add new cart recipients. Administrators also have control over when the shared cart expires.
Administrators can customize the eMail message and subject using convenient templates.
Shoppers go to "Share The Cart" screen by clicking the button. A special email message is created containing the cart contents. Shopper can add their name, their email address. Shopper can enter a list of eMail addresses for the people to receive the cart.
Send the cart by clicking the button. A message is displayed showing the successful share.
Recipients receive and email message with the cart summary, and a link to click on to retrieve the shared cart.
eMail recipient clicks the link and is asked if they want to accept the cart
Shopper clicks accept cart to add the shared cart items into the shopper's cart. If there were already items in the cart a "Merge Cart" option is also available.
Store Administrators also have a share cart ability.
Administrators have the ability to fully customize the eMail message. This includes full control over the subject line and WordPress rich text editing of the eMail message.
Administrators can see a history of all active shared carts

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Change Log

1.0 First public release


Upload the share-a-cart-for-wpec folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress Go to the settings screen to setup options.

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