Reward customers to bring them back!

Buyer rewards programs are the proven way to build loyal customers that keep coming back to your store.  Now you can create your own rewards program for your WP-eCommerce based store!

Customers accumulate points by purchasing products.  (Soon they will be able to earn rewards by doing other cool things such as liking your facebook page or tweeting about your site! )  Then they can redeem their reward points for any of the gifts that you have setup.

Your reward program is fully customizable…

  • Pick any reward program name that works for your brand – (Reward Points, Buyer Bucks, … )
  • Add new rewards options at any time
  • Rewards can be percentage off, currency amount discount and free product coupons
  • Works with built in WP-eCommerce coupon management

Plugin doesn’t customer registration to accumulate points!


Bring Shoppers Back With Rewards

The buyer points plugin gives your customers an incentive to come back and buy more.  Shoppers can view the points they have earned at any time on their account pages.

The buyer points plugin will accumulate points for shoppers regardless of if they are registered!  This means that your store doesn’t need to put up any barriers to people completing their purchases, like registration. Points are accumulated for each purchase and attached to the buyers email address.  As soon as they register, earned points appear in the customers account record.

WPEC Sizes and Colors

WP-eCommerce is one of our favorite commerce platforms.  It offers a flexible infrastructure that let’s you manage product variations that may have attributes more complicated than just size and color.  If most of the time all you need for your store is product size and color the WPEC variation structure, and the user interface needed to manage it, can become very complicated to oversee.  The large number of product variations can also slow down your store, and may even  require a more expensive server than would otherwise be necessary.

Our sizes and Colors add-in addresses these specific needs and greatly improves the product management interface used to update inventory and adjust prices.  If you use Pye Brook Company to build your ecommerce presence you will get the benefit this add-in as part of your implementation.  If your are building an ecommerce site,  for yourself for someone else, contact us to discuss licensing the add-in.